Another Iconic Minnesota Water Tower

Posted on May 24, 2016

Minnesota is blessed with many interesting and iconic water towers.  In previous posts to this blog we have featured the Happy Face in Freeport,...

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Sixty Years of Good Food - Without an Hour Off!

Posted on April 4, 2016

We've mentioned before in this blog that many Minnesota residents and visitors travel, at least in part, to enjoy good food.  Some of us really do...

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Last Sport Show of the Season is Coming!

Posted on March 22, 2016

The sport and travel show season started in St. Paul in January and wraps up at the end of March.  The last and the largest event of the season is...

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National Parks in Minnesota

Posted on February 11, 2016

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that there are six National Park sites in Minnesota.  Voyageurs, on the Canadian border near International...

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The Vacation Show Season Has Begun

Posted on January 14, 2016

The Minnesota Lodging Association will distribute its Where to Stay guide at SIX Vacation shows this year.  We'll be at the...

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It is Ice Skating Season in Minnesota!

Posted on December 30, 2015


Metro Ice Skating Update


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Outdoor Fun in Minnesota is Underway!

Posted on December 30, 2015


Although we had some snow in...

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Warm Water in the Winter

Posted on December 11, 2015

Many Minnesota hotels have great indoor pools or spas and a few have terrific water parks.  Our online listings indicate the amenities available...

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Record Muskie Attracts Media Attention

Posted on November 17, 2015

You may have seen this photo in the Star Tribune recently of a record 57 inch muskie caught on Lake Mille Lacs.  Robert Hawkins landed the...

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Veterans Day in Minnesota

Posted on November 11, 2015

On Veteran's Day, it is appropriate to feature a place that honors those who have served our country .  One of our oldest historic sites with a...

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